Pawn Shop Online Video Reveals Customer Gets Fucked

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Hidden Camera Reveals Pawn Shop Customer Sex

This pawn shop online video recently hit the internet showing the world what happens behind the scenes in every pawn shop. This customer came in wanting to sell a cello, but as she spoke to the pawn shop owner, he realized the cello was not hers. So he asked her to play it and she could not even when she was playing it naked so as to confuse him and have his attention elsewhere. He noticed she did not know how to play it and did not want to give her the money because she might have stolen it. She decided to use another trick. She used her hot Brazilian body to get the cash she needed. Unknown to her, he had always wanted to fuck a Brazilian woman so he jumped on the chance and fucked her hardcore. She was flexible and that made the sex better. She was a little horny too so that helped as well. When cumming, he sprayed his seed on her face.

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