Bride Gets Revenge, Pawns Dress and Fucks Guy

bride fucks pawn shop guy

This bride was really pissed off and we could tell the second she stepped foot into the pawn shop. Her face was filled with rage and since she was so upset, the guy behind the counter had to ask what the problem was. Well, turns out, this hot bride caught her fiance hooking up with a stripper and she was so pissed off that she wanted to call it quits. It’s not all that uncommon for men to go crazy and hire strippers before they tie the knot. This bride to be wasn’t having any of it though and she wanted to get her revenge. After calling it quits, she ended up heading to the pawn shop to sell her dress. The dress wasn’t worth anything though according to the store. She wanted more cash and they wanted that ass! All it took was a little barter talk and she ended up in the backroom. One thing led to another and she was getting fucked from behind in the pawn shop all while wearing her wedding dress. This was one bride that we’ll never forget! Watch this pawnshop porn video before you decide to hire a stripper to fuck. Your wife to be might do this if she catches you!

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